Electronic Medical Record

Network Medical Information Services has created a Web-based Electronic Medical Record System. Currently, the software is optimized for patients with arthritis of the hip and knee requiring replacement, although any patient complaint can be handled by the system. The advantages of the system are:

Initial and Followup Patient Evaluation:

Using standardized forms, easily create initial and followup clinical notes. These forms allow you to obtain more complete information on your patients so that the quality of care is improved and your level of compensation is increased. The notes can be formatted as a letter to a referring physician or as an admission history and physical. All patient information is logged into a database for future recall and report generation.

Operative Notes and Orders:

Automatically generate operative notes within minutes for total hip and knee replacement and miscellaneous surgery using simple, standardized forms. As the operative note is generated, the system also produces postoperative orders and a note to the referring physician. The operative notes, orders and letter to the referring physician can be generated often before the patient reaches the recovery room. All operative information is logged into a database for future recall and report generation.

Discharge Notes:

Discharge notes are easily created with a simple form. Sign the discharge note in your office thereby eliminating repeated trips to medical records. The discharge information is also entered into a database for future recall and report generation.

Patient Utilities:

The system allows you edit patient files, and create summaries of the patient's medical record, treatment history, surgical  procedures, and outpatient encounters.

Referring Physician Utilities:

Easily determine the referring physician for any or all patients. You may easily search for the address of any referrring physician. Finally, determine how many patients each physician has referred.

Surgical Billing Utilities:

The system allows you to create an invoice after every surgical procedure and email it to your billing office. Create a summary listing of every surgery you have performed.

Since the system is internet based, you can access this software with your current computer. You do not need to purchase expensive, proprietary hardware that can only be used for medical record keeping. Better yet, only pay for the use of this system based on the number of times you access it.

All information is stored on Network Medical Information Services computers which utilize state-of-the-art website security and encryption. All information is backed up daily for your protection.

Use of this program implies that you accept and agree to the license agreement.

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Created by:
Network Medical Information Services, Inc.
For more information about this program or other ancillary services, please send an email to us at emr@nmis.com.